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    Product Ingredients

                    HOW TO APPLY EACH PROPERLY

                                  FOLLOW EACH STEP FOR PROMISING RESULTS

STEP ONE: First, dampen face with lukeworm water. Apply a dime size amount of the Cleansing Gel onto middle finger and ring finger. begin gently, moving in small circle movements, massaging away dirt, makeup and excess oils from skin. DO NOT Pat dry. Allow your pores to soak in all the moisture. apply Skin Tonic (Toner) to balance skin. Be careful not to pull or tug on your skin.

STEP TWO: With clean hands, spray 4 full pumps of the toner into the palm of your hands while face is 60% dry. Gently pat toner into face and let face air dry 80% before applying hydrating gel before. Best before bed time. Toner can be used in the morning. After hot toweling your face in the morning, continue with 4 pumps and finish with a pea size of beauty balm for an all day hydrated and revitalized appearance.

STEP THREE: Apply a dime size amount of the hydrating gel after toning the skin. Upon setting of the toner, apply while face is 90% dry and a little moisture onto skin every night before bed. Be careful not to pull or tug on your skin.

STEP FOUR:  Apply a dime size amount of the Shae Butter beauty balm every morning after hot toweling your face.***Hot towel face as hot as you can take it.


Shae Butter is a great daily moisturizer and make up primer. Also, protecting the skin from enviromental damages


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